Distance Learning

Online Startup Seeks To Rival The Ivy League

Former Silicon Valley CEO Ben Nelson has two years and $25 million to transform higher education.

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Penn State World Campus Launches Major Initiative to Accelerate Growth in Online Learning

Destiny Solutions, a provider of of lifelong learning business solutions, today announced that Penn State World Campus has introduced a new initiative aimed at dramatically growing its global online business. The effort, enabled by Destiny One™, centers around overhauling and scaling how the institution engages working professionals.

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KIT digital Uses Haivision's KulaByte(TM) Internet Encoder to Power Live Multiplatform Video Streaming for Nautilus Live

KulaByte Encoder Converts Live HD Feed From Exploration Vessel Nautilus to Multiformat Video Streams, Delivering Real-Time Educational Content to Broad Range of Viewers

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Online Courses Propel U Of North Dakota Growth

Online education accounts for an increasing portion of UND’s enrollment, officials there say, and will be an important component as the school develops a new model for ensuring enrollment stays stable.

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Online and Engaged

How to help ensure student success in online courses—despite research pointing to disengagement of distant learners at community colleges

At Pitt Community College (N.C.), online learning is about more than just putting in-person course content onto the web. Officials have created a system that emphasizes preparation for students and instructors. The institution will even be launching a certification program for professors wanting to enhance their online teaching skills. “We don’t want online courses to be a barrier to success in any way, for anyone,” says Don Hazelwood, director of instructional technology and distance education. “We all have to work together.” Despite efforts such as these, barriers are common.

EducationDynamics Releases 2011-12 eLearning Index; Reveals Compelling Trends in Online Education

EducationDynamics, higher education’s leading marketing information and technology services company, recently released its 2011-12 eLearning Index, complete with five-year trends and analysis.

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Top Lawmaker Pushes For Online Only University

A high-ranking Republican lawmaker Thursday floated the idea of an all-online university to the Florida Board of Governors.

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Online School Helps Grown-Ups Finish College

There are an estimated 37 million Americans who have some college credit but no degree — and Western Governors University is trying to change that. The nonprofit online school is challenging many traditional concepts about higher education with a new approach aimed to help adult students finish college.

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Choosing Telepresence

When and how to take the plunge

Imagine being a student in a class listening to your professor as she writes on a whiteboard at the front of the room. She asks a question and you faintly hear a voice, but you can’t see who it came from or understand what was said—because you’re sitting at your desk participating in class through your webcam.