Distance Learning

A College Education on the Cheap? Tech Start-Ups Take on Higher Ed

Technology start-ups are cracking into the higher education market and their pitch is an enticing one: A college education for anyone at almost no cost.

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Move your campus to the mobile age

Universities deploy AT&T Campus Guide to create a smartphone app integrating almost all system data.

With  smartphones and mobile devices everywhere on campus, students expect complete mobile access to everything from course assignments and grades to events and sports news. This web seminar, originally presented on April 11, 2012, explored how two schools use AT&T Campus Guide, enabling them to keep students and staff connected, informed and engaged while on the go.

Nadir Khan
Education Industry Solutions Consultant

San Antonio College Uses Mediasite Webcasting Platform for Online Training

Sonic Foundry, Inc., the trusted market leader for lecture capture, enterprise and event webcasting, today announced that its Mediasite webcasting platform is used by San Antonio College, part of one of the largest community college systems in the United States, Alamo Colleges, to train teachers and call center agents more efficiently.

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MIT-Harvard Project Aims to Change the Face of Learning

At the beginning of the 21st century, MIT began a bold, pioneering experiment in bringing higher learning to the masses. Originally intended for students traveling abroad to keep up with their studies, the OpenCourseWare Project enabled anyone to access the OCW site and read course materials from more than 2,000 MIT classes. While there was no interaction with faculty and no grades or credit given for doing any of the work, it opened the door to a variety of possibilities for online learning.

Keeping Tuition Within Reach

Moving past the traditional university structure to help students

As college acceptance letters began popping up in mailboxes across the country this year, incoming students were left once again with the daunting task of choosing the right school. While cost has always been a consideration, more students than ever before are now considering it as a key factor—not only in terms of which school to attend, but whether they go to college at all.

College Crackup And The Online Future (Opinion)

In the coming decade, emerging technologies will thoroughly transform higher education. Although distance learning and computer-assisted education have been around since the 1960s, financial pressures are forcing institutions to develop aggressive online programs.

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Towson University Partners With Learning House to Offer Professional Certification Classes Online

The Learning House, Inc., an online education solutions partner that helps colleges and universities develop and grow high-quality online degree programs and courses, has announced that Towson University’s Center for Professional Studies (CPS) has selected Learning House to help expand its online continuing education course offerings.

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Law School Plans to Offer Web Courses for Master’s

The law school of Washington University announced Tuesday that it would offer, entirely online, a master’s degree in United States law intended for lawyers practicing overseas, in partnership with 2tor, an education technology company.

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