Calhoun Community College Land Purchase Voted Down By State School Board (Updated)

Calhoun Community College's plan to buy 51 acres for a second Huntsville campus was nixed today by the state board of education.

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A Higher Profile, By Design

MassArt unveils a $120 million expansion plan

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Iowa State U Will Pay $90,000 To Replace President's First-Floor Carpet

Iowa’s board of regents will vote Tuesday to spend $90,000 to replace the first-floor carpet at the Knoll, the residence of Iowa State University’s president.

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University of Colorado Regents Raise Concerns About Boulder Campus Maintenance Backlog

The University of Colorado's Board of Regents on Tuesday unanimously approved the Boulder campus's 10-year masterplan, which outlines the school's future construction projects and enrollment projections,

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State School Board Postpones Decision On Calhoun Community College Land Purchase

Calhoun Community College officials made a strong pitch to the state school board today for authority to expand its Huntsville campus with the purchase of 51 acres in Thornton Research Park.

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Greuel To Investigate Community College Hiring

Officials bow to state controller's call for an external inquiry in the selection of Christine Marez as a watchdog for its construction program.

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Purdue Building Gets Go-Ahead

Plans for a new four-story engineering building at Purdue University are advancing despite the objections of some nearby residents.

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Calhoun Vs. Drake: Is Huntsville Big Enough For Both 2-Year Colleges?

Is Huntsville big enough for two prospering two-year colleges with broad ambitions for the future? Or are there loser-leaves-town stakes in play for Decatur-based Calhoun Community College and Drake State Technical College?

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Lights, Camera, Medical School?

AMX technology turns typical lectures into slick productions that engage students, instructors

The word “class” really doesn’t do justice to what medical students attend in the newly renovated lecture theatre at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

“It’s a production, which is so much better,” said Ed Hipditch, manager of classroom technologies with Memorial University’s Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) department. “Students walk in and say ‘Wow!’ ­The wow factor is important when educating someone. It’s not just someone scribbling on a chalkboard.” ­