Community Colleges

Mt. Hood CC project taps students to seed native forest floor

Students from Mt. Hood Community College (Ore.) are collecting seeds from native plants that blanket the forest floor and will transplant them to baron locations to ensure their future survival.

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More community colleges facing accreditation problems

Campus infighting, perceptions of cultural insensitivity, and inadequate counseling are just some of the reasons the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges gave Los Angeles Mission College's Sylmar campus a warning recently for "academic and administrative deficiencies."

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Proposition 30 is helping fund California community colleges

East Bay community colleges are beginning to reap the benefits of the passage of last November's Proposition 30. The tax initiative is helping to make more classes available to students; something they haven’t seen in a long time.

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Boston Strong: First responder spirit in American higher education

In this month's Future Shock column (University Business, July 2013), James Martin and James E. Samels talk about the educations in criminal justice, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and forensic science that Boston's first responders received at schools such as Middlesex Community College and UMass Lowell. It was these studies that, in part, helped them bring the Boston bomber to justice.

8 ways colleges can design technology-rich spaces

Planning for technology-rich learning spaces takes enormous amounts of time, effort and funding. Here are eight tips from Central Oregon Community College and other higher ed institutions that have done it successfully.

Pell Grant funding stability is key to college affordability

Stable funding of federal Pell Grants, one of the nation’s main financial aid programs for low-income students, would increase affordability and accessibility, according to many groups with a stake in higher education. But the program faces perennial threats to its funding.

Two-year college students face more money stress

Nearly one in five community college students get so worried about finances, they think about dropping out, according to the “Inceptia National Financial Aptitude Analysis” report. Teaching them to better manage money may help them graduate.

Community college professors may teach San Diego Navy brig prisoners

Coastline Community College faculty would teach on-site entrepreneurship and small-business management classes to prisoners in the Navy brig at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, about 10 miles north of downtown San Diego.

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Los Angeles community colleges begin to deal with sanctions

Los Angeles Mission College President Monte Perez had shut off his smartphone and sat down for a late afternoon movie when he had a bad feeling about the accreditation of his campus.

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Romeoville campus expansion part of Joliet college's $45 million construction plan

Joliet Junior College officials are seeking to issue $45 million in bonds that would go to construction of a multipurpose facility at the main campus and an expansion of the Romeoville campus.

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