Community Colleges

Ulster County CC proposes seventh consecutive tuition hike

Tuition at Ulster County Community College (N.Y.) would rise for the seventh consecutive year under a spending plan approved by two key committees of the Ulster County Legislature.

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Experts weigh in on the latest features of lecture, presentation solutions

The standard lecture experience has become dated, and the audiovisual needs of classrooms have evolved to support group study and collaborative, team-based learning. This special AV report will help your community college stay on top of the latest trends.

Campus IT support centers ditch paper for helpdesk software solutions

Kirkwood Community College (Iowa) increased support through automatic routing without hiring additional IT staff. Check out their results and see how larger colleges and universities are streamlining helpdesks with technology and savvier users.

CIOs speak out about bandwith, malware, and file sharing

Kimberly Conley, CIO of Henderson Community College (Ky.), joins other higher ed IT leaders in discussing the tech issues of the day—and how they’re keeping their campuses running and safe.

Oklahoma City CC starts summer session amid disaster clean-up

When Oklahoma City Community College students returned to campus Monday, many of their classes weren't where they expected. School officials spent last week finding classroom space for all the college's summer courses after a tornado swept through campus, causing heavy damage to several buildings.

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Jackson Community College is no more as trustees approve name change

Effective immediately, the institution now will be known as Jackson College. In their approval of the name change, trustees also voted that no more than $50,000 would be spent to change letterheads, business cards, signage and other items bearing the college’s name and logo.

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signs three higher education bills into law

Gov. Bobby Jindal signed three bills into law Monday that will make changes to higher education scholarship eligibility, college testing rules and the Baton Rouge-area community and technical college system.

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Report: Just 27 % graduate Westchester Community College

Thirty-five percent of community-college students who are full time graduate within six years, and the low graduation rate is hurting employment opportunities, a report said.

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College grads turn to community colleges to boost job hopes

In 2010, Jessica Underwood graduated from Carthage College in Kenosha with a stellar academic record, a can-do attitude and a newly minted business degree. But it's been a rough entry into the real world.

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MOOCs viable for community colleges, officials say

For all the efforts underway to make Massive Open Online Courses a major part of American higher education, only a few initiatives have targeted community colleges as a venue for them to reach and educate students.

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