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3DVinci has released the Google SketchUp 7 Hands On book series.

The Cost of Innovation

Thoughts on teaching and learning and the bottom line

THE PREVAILING MODEL FOR INNOVATION IN TEACHING is drawn from the conviction of many funders that any teaching innovation in teaching requires faculty to be released from normal duties to try something new.

Achieving the Turnaround: From Strategy to Action


TURNAROUND: LEADING STRESSED COLLEGES AND Universities to Excellence (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009) is the new book by University Business “Future Shock” columnists James Martin and James E. Samels.

Working with Consultants: Look Before You Leap

Needs assessment and careful selection are the keys to a successful consulting relationship.

MANY HIGHER EDUCATION institutions rely on external consultants not only for advice but also for help in diagnosing and developing strategies related to common and uncommon challenges in a whole host of areas—such as compensation, leadership development, enrollment, labor relations, strategic planning, technology, capital planning

Targeting Transfers

Community colleges, universities, and states working together to improve the transfer process

LONG A STEPPING STONE TO higher education for low-income and first-generation students, community colleges will become more important to a wider variety of students if the combination of a weakening economy and increasing tuition continues.

Collaborate or Die: The Future of Education

The Challenge of Developing an Institutional System that Serves the 21st Century

We are entering the age of collaboration. Web 2.0 has gone mainstream. An entire generation of students is arriving in our schools and universities, for whom Facebook is their most important source of information and communications.

Smart Planning: Why Do Any Other Kind?

Defining a mandate for smart planning for higher education

THE GOOD NEWS? EVIDENCE from the Society for College and University Planning’s 43rd annual international conference supports the conclusion that there is a whole lot of “smart planning” for higher education going on.

Taking a Stake in Campus Finances

Spreading the power of making investment decisions

IN APRIL 2008, STUDENTS AT the University of Florida in Gainesville staged a hunger strike to protest the investment policies and lack of transparency for the campus’s $1.2 billion foundation endowment. It was dramatic if not exactly effective.

School Superintendents and Community College Presidents a Great Marriage

Collaboration benefits students and the workforce

THERE IS A TREMENDOUS opportunity to enhance our global competitive edge that is often overlooked. It’s time for community college presidents and school superintendents to take their relationships to a new level—consisting of something greater than traditional dual enrollment programs.

Getting Serious About Service

For many schools, an increased commitment to community service fits the student body, curriculum, and neighborhood.

THE SMALL AND UNDISTINGUISHED GATEWAY Plaza-with its hair salon, costume jewelry shop, Big Time Wholesale Store, and local branch of <b>DeKalb Technical College</b>-is just miles away from the stately grey and beige stone buildings and grassy quadrangles of <b>Emory University</b> in Atlanta.