Campus Communication

University Of Kentucky, Louisville Flag Hundreds Of Words From Athletes' Tweets

Student-athletes at the University of Kentucky and most at the University of Louisville surrender their online privacy to their coaches under a social media monitoring system used by both schools and others across the country.

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The End of Online Writing?

Disruptive forces and their impact on content for the web

Can you remember the times when PDF files were placed (dumped?) on your website to make their content available online? As you know, those days are gone. PDF-powered websites just don’t cut it anymore—if they ever did. While the file format battle has been won on the web, the content format war is raging in higher education and elsewhere.

Are there any people at your institution who still see writing for the web or social media as a copy-and-paste job from your brochures, viewbooks, or other catalogs? Hopefully not.

Next Level At UCONN Requires A Master Plan

To get the University of Connecticut to the "next level" it needs a new master plan to bring architectural harmony to the campus and improve its facilities, says president Susan Herbst.

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A&M Trying to Distance Itself from Shooting Incident

A shooting that left three dead in College Station on Monday did not occur on the campus of Texas A&M University or involve members of the A&M community. Yet in headlines around the country, it is being referred to as the "Texas A&M shooting."

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How to improve and streamline your campus messaging and notifications

Two Oklahoma universities use Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T to reach out and touch students on mobile devices
When it comes to notifying your students, faculty, and staff about important campus issues and events, you can’t rely on just texting or email. Effective notification platforms also use voice recordings, Facebook and Twitter posts, RSS feeds, and digital signage. But how do you implement a single, centralized notification system that offers connectivity and control of all these communication channels?

Michigan Higher Education Receives Failing Grades For Transparency Issues

Michigan lawmakers and higher education leaders are receiving failing grades for transparency, accountability and policy on the Institute for a Competitive Workforce 2012 Report Card.

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How Penn State Can Repair Its Image

A scathing report accusing Penn State coach Joe Paterno and other top university officials of hiding what they knew about Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of children is another crippling blow to a school and football program already reeling from one of the worst scandals in sports history.

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Blackboard Launches 2-Way SMS Platform in United States

Blackboard Inc. today announced the U.S. release of Blackboard ConnectTxt, a 2-way mass notification platform. With Blackboard ConnectTxt, users can send text messages and emails to a broad audience, through a powerful inbound messaging engine, and receive replies via text as well.

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