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The $1 Trillion Problem: Protect Your Institution from Student Debt

Educating students is key to minimizing the student loan debt problem affecting your entire campus

The pressure institutions are facing from the growing student loan debt crisis is felt by all departments, from financial aid to admissions. Schools are struggling to justify tuition costs to prospective students, as well as to ensure recent alumni leave pleased with the institution, despite having student loan debt. In this web seminar, originally broadcast on November 13, 2012, representatives from American Student Assistance (ASA), St.

The Big(ger) Picture: Why Integrated Master Planning Works—And Who to Get Involved

At The Ohio State University, the term “master plan” is obsolete. That’s because what traditional master plans often lack—input from an institution’s academic and finance folks—are an integral part of the One Ohio State Framework Plan, shares Amanda Hoffsis, senior director of physical planning.

500+ Colleges Agree to Adopt Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

More than 500 colleges and universities, enrolling more than 2.5 million undergraduate students (thirteen percent of all undergrads), have committed to adopting the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet during the 2013-2014 school year. The adoption of the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet is a big win for students already attending these institutions and those who are considering enrolling.

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New Political Reality About Pell Grants

Recent cuts to Pell eligibility and the looming threat of sequestration serve as reminders that no federal program is untouchable.

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Mo. Lawmakers Consider Higher Ed Funding Formula

Ten percent of state funding for Missouri's colleges and universities would depend on whether they can meet performance goals such as improved graduation rates, according to a plan presented Monday to state lawmakers. It's part of an initiative, required by state law, to develop a funding formula for higher education institutions similar to what exists for public K12 education.

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Survey Says Millennials Support Online Education

Millennials are concerned about the high cost of college, and that worry is leading them to be more supportive online education, a new poll from Northeastern University finds.

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University of Phoenix Partnering with Community Colleges

Facing declining enrollment and regulatory scrutiny, the University of Phoenix has targeted community college students as a safe and profitable investment. And some community college administrators, eager to offer their students more opportunities to earn a bachelor’s degree, are embracing the school’s overtures.

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New Student Loan Repayment Options Set

A new version of the income-based federal student loan repayment program that's more favorable to many borrowers will go into effect starting Dec. 21, according to regulations scheduled for publication Friday.

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Financial Group Donates Downtown Building to University

In what will be the largest donation it has ever received, the University of the Fraser Valley (British Columbia, Canada) will take ownership in early 2013 of the former BMO Bank of Montreal branch building at historic Five Corners in downtown Chilliwack. The university will renovate and refurbish the facility to create UFV Plaza, a downtown education centre with a focus on programming related to business development and training.

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Prop 30 Tax Rev. to be Diverted from Higher Ed to Wall Street

Millions of dollars from the new tax revenue earmarked for the University of California system as part of the state's recently passed Proposition 30 will instead be routed to major financial firms because of bad bets made by a Wall Street-influenced UC Board of Regents. Over the last decade, tuition and fees for undergraduates in the UC system have tripled, adding enormous debt burdens to UC graduates and pushing lower-income students into the already overstretched state college and community college systems, or out of higher education altogether.

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