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Brandeis Endowment Slips in Fiscal 2012

Brandeis’ roughly $700 million endowment took a negative dip in the last fiscal year, after several years of rebuilding from losses sustained in the 2008 recession. The endowment draw rate also declined slightly.

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Judy Woodruff Joins Duke Endowment Board

Judy Woodruff, formerly a student, visiting professor and member of the Board of Trustees at Duke, has been elected a trustee of the Charlotte-based Duke Endowment. She has worked at CNN, NBC News and PBS—where she is currently the co-anchor and senior correspondent.

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Governor's Budget Seeks Cost-Cutting in Higher Education

Gov. Jerry Brown's newly proposed funding increase for higher education has largely focused on state-funded public colleges saying they won't raise tuition for the 2013-2014 school year, but Brown also wants the University of California, California State University, and community college systems to rein in costs, operate more efficiently and get students to obtain their diplomas more quickly.

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Higher Ed Advocates Focus on Retirement Benefits

While higher education issues seem hidden behind state gun control and uranium mining discussions at the Capitol so far, professors from Virginia Commonwealth University and other schools are urging legislators to improve retirement benefits for public university and college employees.

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The Scary Economics of Higher Education

At the corner of Fifth Avenue and 14th Street in Manhattan, you can see higher education's ambitions reaching to the sky. The New School's 16-story University Center nears completion at a cost of $353 million. The edifice is impressive. But would you want to hold the mortgage on it? That's what you have, in effect, if you buy a tax-exempt bond from the New School.

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Higher-ed Tuition Freeze Offered for More State Funding

Washington's six public-college presidents say they will freeze tuition levels for the next two years if the Legislature will increase higher-education funding by $225 million.

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Insurance Coverage for Colleges and Universities

The Rutgers (N.J.) spying case and the Penn State abuse scandal, among others, highlight the liability risks of all types facing colleges and universities. From the other end of the risk spectrum, Tulane University’s (La.) long struggle to rebuild and recoup losses stemming from Hurricane Katrina illustrates the complexity of property damage risk management.

What Borrowers Think They Know

It can be tough for colleges to identify and counsel borrowers of private student loans. Schools aren’t required to certify these loans, so students can borrow them without the school knowing. Feedback from private student loan borrowers reveals they hold a host of common misconceptions about their loans.

Electronic Payroll Options Offer Tremendous Benefits

With campus leaders looking to streamline operations and save resources, electronic payroll options are very appealing. The printing, envelope stuffing, and mailing costs associated with paper checks make them an administrative burden, says Anthony Peculic, senior director of product strategy at ADP.

ACT Now: Accountability, Compliance, and Transparency (ACT) In Higher Ed Workforce Management

Optimize campus labor productivity and responsibility through an automated workforce management system

Though using outdated manual systems can hinder achieving maximum accountability, compliance, and transparency, many higher education institutions are still using such systems to track time and attendance for their workforce. Introducing an automated workforce management system instead can increase efficiency and maximize productivity and funds. This web seminar, originally broadcast on December 4, 2012, featured the University of Georgia, which realized many benefits after implementing a campuswide automated workforce management system.