Campus CFO

Director of Financial Aid

Grand Rapids Community College
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Former CFO Named President of Central Methodist University

Roger Drake has been named the next President of Missouri's Central Methodist University and will assume the office on July 1, according to Glenn Cox, chair of the CMU Board of Trustees and of the Presidential Search Committee.

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Towson University Appoints New CFO

Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services Joe Oster was appointed to Vice President of Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer for Towson University, effective April 1, 2013.

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2012-13 Campus-Based Funding by State

Use this resource to determine where your higher ed institution stands against others in your state or the country in terms of federal funding.

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Reimagining Financial Aid to Improve Student Access and Outcomes

As the student aid programs rapidly approach reauthorization in 2014, they continue to face severe funding and efficiency problems. This report puts forward broad policy considerations to generate discussion and debate with the goal of advancing key policy issues facing student aid.

Minnesota's Pelowski Releases Details on Higher Education Hearings

Rep. Gene Pelowski has released details on what he calls the most intensive hearings on higher education funding and spending in more than a decade. Pelowski, DFL-Winona and chair of the House Higher Education Finance and Policy committee, said the proposed topics and questions are extensive.

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Don’t Ax the Higher Education GET Program Just Yet

Hasty actions almost never solve a problem intelligently, and they quite often create new hurdles to a reasoned resolution. That scenario describes the pickle our legislature has created over the Guaranteed Education Tuition Plan (GET) and funding for higher education.

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Poll: Americans Want Lower Tuition, Credit for Competency

The majority of the American public agrees higher education institutions should reduce their tuition rates and award students credit for competency instead of time, according to a poll released last week.

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Rising Tuition Costs Surpass Rate of Inflation

The head of one New York family cited complained recently: ‘In a two-week period, I had notices that tuition for my three children at private schools is rising between 15 percent and 30 percent.’” Sound familiar?

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