Building Renovation

Inside Look: Libraries

While still a place where one can study, today’s campus libraries are active spaces that offer so much more

Heading to the campus library used to mean needing serious study silence or a spot for solitary scholarly pursuits. Although the library’s shell may look the same, inside it’s a decidedly different and livelier place.

“The hush-hush is over. Instead you get noise, you get dialogue, you get engagement, you get creativity, you get sharing,” says Jim Draper, vice president and general manager at Gale, the division of Cengage Learning that provides digital and print products to libraries.

Ohio University may borrow $585 million to fix buildings

Ohio University trustees know that $585 million is a lot of debt to take on over the next five years. But interest rates are at historically low levels, they said. And it would be money well-spent if it keeps students, faculty and staff from walking away from the school because so many buildings are in need of major repairs.

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Bemidji State plans to relocate College of Business, student services

A multimillion-dollar project is planned at Bemidji State University in summer 2014 to better align the campus. The project, which could approach $12 million, would relocate the College of Business and student services.

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Should Colleges Try To Be Like Country Clubs?

Colleges Likely To Gain Applicants By Spending More On Amenities Than Academics: NBER Research

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Schenectady County CC (N.Y.) to Offer Classes in Albany County

This fall, Schenectady County Community College will offer classes on the second floor of the Albany County building in downtown Albany, officials said. Details are still being worked out ... and the college has not yet decided on the courses that will be taught in the 10,000 square foot space.

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Upgrading to the next generation of campus networks

Network building blocks support virtualization and mobile wireless today and for the next big thing

From BYOD environments to high bandwidth applications, there is intense pressure on network infrastructures. Upgrading is a high priority for higher education technology leaders. In this web seminar broadcast on September 20, an administrator from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts described how the school faced those challenges head on when it embarked on a fourth-generation upgrade and redesign of its network to meet the changing demands of its users.

Inside Look: Residence Halls

Expectations and innovations for students' home away from home

With any campus building, what’s on the inside counts just as much—and probably more—than what’s on the outside. This is especially true with residence halls, which must include a balance of private and shared spaces. “The buildings need to promote interaction among students to encourage peer-to-peer learning in support of the institution’s academic mission,” says Jackson Kane, an associate and housing specialist at Lord, Aeck & Sargent. That’s no small order.

UNT Readies Plan To Remove Cartouche From Famed Downtown Dallas Building

It’s been rumored for months that the University of North Texas has wanted to remove the historic cartouche from the former Titche-Goettinger Building that faces Main Street Garden; maybe you recall, we hinted at its imminent demise as recently as late May. Well, to quote The New Year: The end’s not near. It’s here.

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Nigh Center At University Of Central Oklahoma Gets $450,000 Renovation

University of Central Oklahoma's Nigh University Center has been renovated. The project was paid for with rental fees collected over the years.

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Solving Issue Of No Hot Water At Dorm, Alabama A&M Replaces Boiler

The boiler unit at the Alabama A&M dorm that left students without hot water for more than two months has been replaced, school President Andrew Hugine said Wednesday.

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