Nevada's Higher Education Funding Formula Comes Under Fire

The Nevada System of Higher Education's chancellor found himself Friday inside a hornet's nest of angry legislators who expressed disgust over the lack of state funds their local colleges and universities would receive under a new formula.

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UCA 'Pouring' Over Coke Money

Administrators at the University of Central Arkansas are considering how to spend at least $93,000 that is expected to be over what a previous beverage-service contract provided

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Higher Education Chiefs Welcome Funding Increase

Vermont customarily ranks near the bottom in its fiscal support for public higher education.

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Funding Higher Ed: Three Solutions

America’s higher education system is becoming less affordable for the middle class citizen, due in large part to the loss of public funding. In fact, notes The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education in its introduction to a set of three working papers offering possible viable solutions, between 2006 and 2007 alone the rate of public investment in public higher education dropped by 12.5 percent. Sharp tuition increases have become the substitute, with tuition for California public institutions increasing by 98 percent between 2006 and 2001.

Georgia Higher Education Report Urges Formula Restructuring

A report released by Georgia’s Higher Education Funding Commission urges restructuring the state’s budget formula to create more college funding opportunities to build the workforce, Governor Nathan Deal’s office announced.

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College Teachers Deliver Outline For Funding Depleted Higher Ed Coffers

Optimistic over November's voter approval of new taxes, a band of California's higher education teachers have pledged to kick into high gear their campaign to find new ways to fund colleges and universities.

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Five Discussions to Have With Your Banker

The pace of change in the business offices of universities has never been faster. All eyes are on how institutions will manage the challenges of cost containment pressures, lower federal and state support, and the changing marketplace for higher education. With more demands on your resources—including personnel, capital and time—you have to ensure you are getting the most out of your business partnerships.

Michigan’s College Education Cuts

While we consider Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget message, we might want to look at some facts underlying our economy. The (persistently) bad news: Since 2008, Lansing has slashed support for public colleges and universities by 21.5 percent. The (sort-of) good news: We aren’t the worst.

Budget Links Ohio College Graduation Rates to Funding

Colleges and universities with higher graduation rates will be rewarded with more state money under a new funding formula included in Gov. John Kasich’s latest two-year budget proposal. The winners — and the losers — learned what the new formula would mean in dollars and cents this week when the state released its campus-by-campus spending projection for the fiscal year that begins in July.