Two-year colleges getting a falling share of spending

Community colleges have received a declining share of government spending on higher education over the last decade even as their student bodies have become poorer and more heavily African-American and Latino, according to a report to be released Thursday.

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Kansas House Republican leaders propose higher ed cuts

Budgets for the state's public universities, including Kansas University, would be cut 1.5 percent for each of the next two fiscal years under a deal approved by Republican budget leaders.

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Calif. Gov. Brown restores community colleges classes

Under Gov. Jerry Brown's revised budget released on Tuesday, California community colleges will receive millions to begin restoring cut classes, rebuild flagging enrollment, and strengthen student support services.

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A Guide to College and University Budgeting: Foundations for Institutional Effectiveness, 4th ed.

Budgeting is inherently political, and too often short-term goals overrun long-term institutional interest. By presenting the many layers and budgeting models with a clear, comparative framework, author Larry Goldstein demonstrates the organic link between planning and budgeting, making it crystal clear that budgets and plans represent two sides of the same coin.

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Louisiana Higher Education Chief Troubled by Governor's Budget

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s budget proposal would leave colleges with shaky and uncertain financing next year and create cash flow problems at the schools, the state’s higher education commissioner, Jim Purcell, said Thursday.

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Higher Education Budgets Target Minnesota Tuition Costs

The Minnesota legislature is focusing nearly $3 billion in higher education funding on keeping college costs as low as possible. The House and Senate budget bills unveiled Monday would send more money to the state's grant program for financial aid and give public colleges and universities millions of dollars dedicated to freezing tuition rates for the next two years.

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Improving Postsecondary Education Through the Budget Process

This National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) project and report, supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, presents both the current landscape of state higher education finance and opportunities for improving it—from the perspective of state budget officers.

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Sequestering Minority Education

Government cuts to hit minority-serving institutions hardest

As a result of March’s sequestration, colleges and universities are starting to figure out how to deal with government cuts from student loan funding and the trickle down of major cuts to agencies that support the bulk of institutional research and development. Tribal colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, and historically black colleges and universities have even more to contend with than the average school with cuts from separate federal grant funding they rely on to operate.

Connecticut Governor Announces $37M Community College Fund

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Tuesday that more than $37 million in capital improvement projects for the state's community colleges will be placed on the agenda for next week's State Bond Commission meeting. The funding, paid for by additional state borrowing, will be directed to a variety of projects, including new instructional, research, and laboratory equipment for all 12 colleges; the development of information technology networks; and renovation and construction projects.

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Texas Senate Finance Committee Approves Higher Ed Budget

As part of the budget, the committee also approved a financing plan that will completely change the way community colleges are funded. Under the Senate plan, each school would get a set amount of base funding. Then additional money would be allocated based on two metrics: contact time and student success.

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