Amid budget cuts, Kansas University gets funding for adult stem cell center

As Kansas University officials bemoaned legislative budget cuts this week, Kansas Board of Regents member Ed McKechnie wondered if those cuts could be alleviated somewhat by diverting funds that KU received in another area — but didn't request.

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To increase education attainment: restore middle-class clout

State spending on colleges and universities declined by 28 percent since 2007, but perhaps not for the reason usually cited. Simply blaming the Great Recession might mean missing a larger story.

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Higher Education Board approves U of Oregon tuition increase

At a meeting in Portland, members of the Higher Education Board’s Finance and Administration committee agreed to submit a budget proposal to the Oregon University System that includes 4.8 percent tuition increases across the state system and a 4.5 percent tuition increase for the University of Oregon.

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Texas U System strategizes on how to keep research schools strong

You don’t hear much about CEOs wanting to run their companies like a university, but you hear plenty about running higher education more like a business. That was among the themes at a recent conference focused on research universities at UT Southwestern Medical Center and organized by the University of Texas System.

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Higher ed finance bill clears Michigan senate with bipartisan support

The Michigan senate passed a higher education finance bill that includes $250 million in additional funding and a tuition freeze at the state’s public colleges and universities. The legislation also includes the “Dream Act,” which allows undocumented high school graduates to pay in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities.

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Campus engagement centers see funding boost

As other campus departments experience cut or stagnant budgets, campus engagement centers have been an exception. Although they’re generally smaller departments, their budgets have been steadily growing over the past few years, according to a survey of Campus Compact’s member institutions.

Students pay when Illinois stiffs community colleges

Jake Olberding enrolled at Highland Community College thinking it would be an affordable higher education option, but he’ll pay more for tuition this fall because his school is squeezed by Illinois’ $5.8 billion backlog of delinquent bills.

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Big business thinking will move universities forward, study says

Thinking like big businesses may be the key driving force in transforming the nation’s colleges and universities, according to researchers at the New America Foundation, a nonpartisan organization.

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Some states raise college budgets after years of deep cuts

After cutting spending on public colleges and universities during the economic crisis, many state governments have begun to boost higher-education budgets once again.

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Lawmakers must not short-shrift higher ed in Washington state

As lawmakers negotiate a final compromise state budget for the next two years, they will be focused on many issues, from taxes and K-12 education spending to social services and the rainy day fund. Critical as all these issues are, we urge legislators also pay close attention to higher-education budget issues.

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