Cost Estimates Of Rutgers Merger Climb

The pending realignment of New Jersey's university system will cost a lot more than was projected just seven months ago.

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College Funding: Does It Make Sense To Fund Campuses Based On Whether Students Earn Their Degrees? (Opinion)

Reflecting the national trend to outcomes-based education funding, Georgia’s public colleges will now earn dollars based on how many students earn diplomas rather than how many enroll.

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Alabama Research Universities Could Get Shorted If Fiscal-Cliff Negotiations Fail

Millions in federal dollars that support Alabama research universities could be in jeopardy if Washington can't reach a deal to stave off automatic spending cuts prescribed by the so-called fiscal cliff.

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Tuition policies that address affordability and retention

By offering actively managed tuition payment plans, Nelnet Business Solutions helps colleges stabilize enrollment, increase collections and improve customer service.

The issues of affordability and retention challenge colleges to develop sustainable tuition policies that address the current economic climate yet educate students on the importance of paying their tuition bills on a timely basis. This web seminar, originally broadcast on October 16, 2012, discussed how Nelnet’s solutions, combined with tighter school fiscal policy, can help students meet their tuition obligations even if they do not receive all the financial aid they anticipated.

Alabama A&M Faculty Seeking Pay Raises But State Budget Cuts An Obstacle

While the Alabama A&M University faculty received a sympathetic response today from university President Andrew Hugine, a request for pay raises is likely not going to be granted.

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Budget Plan Includes State Match For University Donations

The governor’s billion-dollar budget package for the next two years in North Dakota comes wrapped with a special incentive for the state’s universities and colleges.

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Mo. Lawmakers Consider Higher Ed Funding Formula

Ten percent of state funding for Missouri's colleges and universities would depend on whether they can meet performance goals such as improved graduation rates, according to a plan presented Monday to state lawmakers. It's part of an initiative, required by state law, to develop a funding formula for higher education institutions similar to what exists for public K12 education.

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Prop 30 Tax Rev. to be Diverted from Higher Ed to Wall Street

Millions of dollars from the new tax revenue earmarked for the University of California system as part of the state's recently passed Proposition 30 will instead be routed to major financial firms because of bad bets made by a Wall Street-influenced UC Board of Regents. Over the last decade, tuition and fees for undergraduates in the UC system have tripled, adding enormous debt burdens to UC graduates and pushing lower-income students into the already overstretched state college and community college systems, or out of higher education altogether.

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U Of Wisconsin Pay Raises Needed, System President Says - But When?

The University of Wisconsin System is only as good as its people, but it would be premature - and possibly counterproductive - to speculate about when raises could be approved for employees whose paychecks have taken a hit in recent years, UW System President Kevin Reilly said Friday.

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