Flood zone finances: Insurance costs rising for coastal colleges

Premiums will increase by 25 percent each year until the “full risk rate” is reached

An ocean view may make campus tours scenic, but when it comes to flood insurance, coastal institutions will soon face a deluge of bills. Flood insurance subsidies for colleges and universities located in federally-designated flood zones ended on Oct. 1, when the Biggert Waters Act went into effect.

Central Community College approves budget for 2013-2014

The Board of Governors of Central Community College in Nebraska approved $64.8 million in three tax-supported funds as part of the 2013-2014 budget, a 3.4 percent increase over the previous year.

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Connecticut state college system in $18 million to $20 million budget bind

The state’s largest public college system has an $18 million to $20 million hole in its budget that needs to be closed, and officials are counting on the state to bail them out.

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Voters should renew levy for Kirkwood Community College

In addition to voting for school board candidates on Sept. 10, Johnson County, Iowa voters—along with those in six other counties—will be asked to extend a levy for 10 more years. The $0.06 per $1,000 of assessed value will fund Kirkwood Community College's equipment purchases.

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Budget cuts hit Randolph Community College

The president of Randolph Community College says he’s changing his tune when it comes to asking North Carolina legislators for money. Dr. Bob Shackleford believes it’s time for leaders to recognize community colleges as an investment the state needs to fund instead of just another group asking for money.

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Pa. Finance Committee seeks 3 percent tuition hike at state universities

Students at Pennsylvania's 14 state-owned universities are looking at a likely 3 percent increase in tuition for the coming school year to help close a $77 million shortfall in operating budgets.

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Western Nevada College chief resigns over budget cuts

Carol Lucey's announcement comes about a month after the end of the 2013 Legislature, which slashed the WNC budget by 11 percent over the next two years.

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Coursera raises another $43 million

Coursera, a year-old company offering free online courses, has raised another $43 million in venture capital from investors active in both domestic and international education. The new investors include the International Finance Corporation, Laureate Education, GSV Capital, Learn Capital, and Yuri Milner, an individual entrepreneur.

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Rhode Island House finance panel slashes ed budget

Rhode Island's House Finance Committee has cut $1 million, or 43 percent, of the Office of Higher Education’s operating budget. The office, which oversees the state’s three public colleges—the University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, and the Community College of Rhode Island—is scheduled to be abolished next June.

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