ND School Officially Drops Fighting Sioux Nickname

North Dakota's flagship university dropped its contentious Fighting Sioux nickname for the third time Thursday, and officials expressed hope that the latest retirement — fueled by this week's overwhelming statewide vote — would finally stick.

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Meet The 'New' University Of St. Joseph

Saint Joseph College just officially became the University of Saint Joseph this month, celebrating its role as an innovative and comprehensive center of higher education.

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A Breakdown Of The Battle: Fighting Sioux Nickname

The University of North Dakota debuted the "Sioux" part of its nickname more than 80 years ago.

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Herbst At UConn: Building A Blockbuster, Block By Block

In 51 weeks on the job as the University of Connecticut president, Susan Herbst has heard a lot of advice — but it's a fair bet no one has told her to aim higher.

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Rules for Rebranding

Lessons from Nike and other consumer brands

Most university presidents believe the idea of stealing share from other universities is unsightly. It reeks of business and winning, and it rubs against the collegial grain with other presidents.

I know that because the branding and marketing of universities proves it. If you run ads of universities together, as we did in a study this month, you see a blending of messages and tone that are so similar they are easy to tune out and rarely give students a choice. All they do is reaffirm a choice a current student has already made.

Pinning Promotions on Pinterest

Finding a place in higher ed for the new social media giant

Colleges and universities are rushing to use Pinterest, the fast-growing social media innovation, but many remain uncertain of where it fits in their promotional mix. A key factor appears to be how important they consider adult women to be in their marketing outreach.

Rarely Seen Horned Frog Now Disappearing From Primary Tcu Logo

Beginning in the 2012-2013 academic year, the Horned Frog will not be in TCU's primary logo anymore. Instead, an arched TCU will become the primary logo, while the Horned Frog will become the secondary logo.

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Lone Official Overstated Claremont McKenna Scores, Report Says

Claremont McKenna College's president did not unduly pressure the former admissions vice president or push him to take unethical actions, an outside inquiry finds.

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St. Peter's College In Jersey City Approved For University Designation

Shortly after applying for university status, St. Peter's College has received word from New Jersey's Secretary of Higher Education.

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