Speaking Up Against Unfair Labor Practices

Institutions end contracts with Adidas

When the PT Kizone factory in Indonesia went out of business in January 2011, 2,800 people lost their jobs. Most of the factory’s international clients fulfilled obligations to pay into a $3.4 million severance pool for the workers. One company that did not is sports apparel maker Adidas. As of mid-December, Adidas had refused to pay $1.8 million dollars owed to the workers.

Liberal Arts Colleges Forced To Evolve With Market

Today's increasingly career-focused students mostly aren't buying the idea that a liberal arts education is good value

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Ratings at a Price for Smaller Universities

For a certain kind of European, Asian or Latin American institution, the release of the world university rankings each autumn is an exercise in humiliation.

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U of Calif Drops Controversial New Logo

The University of California, responding to criticism from alumni and students, will suspend further use of the logo and continue using the century-old seal.

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New UC logo: Marketing Blunder? Or Is Storm Of Criticism Overblown?

The venerable University of California traded in its traditional logo for something modern, eliciting a New Media blast of derision. Some experts say the storm over the new UC logo will pass.

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New UC Logo A No-Go With Students And Alumni

Officials are caught off guard as protesters take to social media to mock the new symbol, which was designed to reproduce more clearly online.

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University Of California Introduces New Logo

After 144 years with the same old Victorian seal, the University of California has decided to go mod.

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