Academic Leadership

School Superintendents and Community College Presidents a Great Marriage

Collaboration benefits students and the workforce

THERE IS A TREMENDOUS opportunity to enhance our global competitive edge that is often overlooked. It’s time for community college presidents and school superintendents to take their relationships to a new level—consisting of something greater than traditional dual enrollment programs.

Star Schools of Education

Launching pads for tomorrow's educators

IT SEEMS LIKE EVERYBODY INSIDE and outside of higher learning has a quick fix for what ails public education.

Guarding the Votes

Improving campus elections through better voter confidentiality and ballot security

ONE DOES NOT HAVE TO look far in the news to witness the intense emotions released by academic elections relating to board of trustee matters--such as at Dartmouth. Just imagine throwing in uncertainty and doubt regarding confidentiality, fairness, and security concerns.

A New Day for NASFAA

An interview with NASFAA President Philip Day

<em>FOR SOME PEOPLE, SERVING AS PRESIDENT OF FOUR INSTITUTIONS AND ON THE boards of numerous associations might amount to a full career, but when Philip R. Day left his position at <b>City College of San Francisco</b> he wasn't ready for retirement.

President's Letter


Greetings, and welcome to NEC Campus Report.

Diamond in the Mudd

The many facets of Maria Klawe, Harvey Mudd College's new leader

It's a new day at Harvey Mudd. Known for its focus on engineering, science, and mathematics education, the 700-student liberal arts school-part of California's Claremont Colleges consortium-has done well in realizing its vision of attracting the brightest students. And with about 1,600 applications received each year, Admissions staff can be choosy when selecting each 175-student freshman class; about 90 percent of Mudd students were in the top 10 percent of their high school class.