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Higher Education's Economic Innovation

The promise and potential of online education

Innovation is not a term typically used within higher education circles. Rich in tradition and history, American higher education has been sometimes labeled a bureaucratic, traditionally mired venture that does not change with the times. But this generalization is, in so many ways, incorrect. We have one of the most innovative and complex postsecondary systems in the world, with breadth and depth in our educational delivery.

Behind The News

During the annual National Student Leadership Congress, TRIO students learn about policy and share their experiences with legislators, who in turn see

Paths to the Presidency

With shrinking candidate pools, retirements on the horizon, and new realities for institutions and their leaders, it's time to broaden higher education's idea of the best career path to get there.

It wouldn't take much asking around to learn how one attains a goal of reaching the college presidency: teach, then get on the tenure track, become a department chair, and rise up the administrative ladder to chief academic officer. Those with the ambition (and energy left) to win an appointment are most likely to be white, age 60, and a married male, according to American Council on Education data on the typical president in 2006.

Pursuing Needless Innovations

Why a college education that works, not unproven innovations, is what's needed

In America, we lavish attention on our most talented fellow citizens—star athletes, film and television celebrities, brilliant scholars and scientists, and sometimes even college presidents—but we also insist that our celebrities not act like self-styled royalty. When members of America's elite are aloof and ignore the public's welfare—as many titans of Wall Street did, first ruining the economy, then paying themselves bonuses—Americans insist on retribution.

Failure to Launch

College completion challenges not to be overlooked

The recently concluded holiday break wasn't much fun for those very bright but struggling freshmen students who got their first taste ever of academic failure.

Soul Schools in the Windy City: 21st Century Change Agents

Chicagoans are disappointed the Windy City was voted out of the 2016 Summer Olympics. That being said, Chicago higher education can take pride in its remarkable commitment to social justice, and as the home of a community organizer who has taken his place as a global leader.

Indeed, Chicago plays host to several world-class professional psychology institutions—schools with a soul and a mission of social equity. Consider the Adler School of Professional Psychology, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Argosy University, and Roosevelt University.

Behind the News

A staggering 95 percent of sexual assault cases on college campuses go unreported, according to findings of a nine-month investigation by The Center for Public Integrity. Confidential mediation, which is the usual course of action taken by university officials in lieu of judicial action, often leaves victims feeling further victimized as it results in a lack of accountability and punishment for offenders, notes report author Kristin Lombardi.

SMU's Cox School of Business

SMU's Cox School of Business Looks to the Future with Extreme Networks

At SMU's Cox School of Business, tomorrow’s business leaders are re-envisioning how the world does business.

Challenging Authority

The former president of Hampshire College (Mass.) discusses advocacy in an age of conservatism.

Every year the popular press runs articles on the demise of higher education, often pointing the finger of blame at the “liberal bias” of college and university professors.

A Considered Life

Helping students make deliberate career choices

Two years ago, in writing about career planning for college students in “The [Next] Real World” (University Business, April and August 2006), we advised colleges to bring administrators, faculty, and students together to focus on finding paths to the right academic major and career.