Academic Leadership

Leveling The Field

Simmons’s MBA program - the only one in the country exclusively for women - may be more relevant than ever

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People Watch

Maravene S. Loeschke is no stranger to Towson University (Md.). She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from there and served on the faculty for more than 30 years. Now she has been appointed Towson’s next president, effective Jan. 1, 2012. Beginning in 1970, Loeschke moved up in the ranks from faculty member to dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication, a position she held from 1997 to 2002. She is currently president of Mansfield University (Pa.), where she has been since 2006, and has previously served as provost of Wilkes University (Pa.). … David D.

The Sequence of Assessment Priorities

Making choices about how to assess what students have learned

Everyone in higher education at last understands that important components of “the public”—state and federal officials, nongovernmental accrediting bodies, and prospective students and their parents—expect a college to cite compelling evidence that students learn a great deal at that institution. Officials who are most eager to make evidence available believe students will enroll only in colleges demonstrating that their graduates experience impressive intellectual growth over four years.

Cash-Strapped School Districts Struggle To Improve Access To Higher Education For Students

Ask a classroom of seventh-graders at Bloomingdale Middle School how many intend to go to college, and every hand in the room flies up.

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Black Colleges' Survival Hinges On Unity, Collaboration, Panelists Say

If historically black colleges are going to survive, they're going to have to step up their collaboration, not only with schools and communities but also with one another, a panel of educators and policymakers said Friday in New Orleans. Three of the four speakers emphasized the importance of working with high schools and community colleges to prepare students academically and to ease the transition to four-year colleges and universities.

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New Purdue Supercomputer One Of Fastest In World

Purdue supercomputer crunches data to help fight cancer, improve forecasting

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Americans Need More Work And Less College

If the United States is really serious about competing with the work-centered countries of Asia, the key lies not in more government programs, but in restoring America’s own work-centered culture. The first step toward accomplishing this is to end the over-subsidization of higher education, which creates incentives for many to postpone work.

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Experts Discuss How To Encourage Student To Get Higher Degrees

Iowa and other Midwestern states must better prepare their high school graduates for a post-secondary education and encourage more students to seek that education to help meet a pending deficit of educated workers, one higher education expert said Monday.

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Tulane, Mexican College To Establish Joint Programs, Student Exchanges

Tulane Unviersity and a Mexico City college will sign a memorandum of understanding on Friday in New Orleans that will lead to joint academic activities and exchanges of faculty, students and other school personnel.

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