Academic Leadership

'The Business of Sustainability' presents 'green' blueprint

A dozen chapter contributors and two editors from Arizona State University essentially helped to develop the first integrated presentation of the business of sustainability.

What does the future of business look like in a sustainability-minded world and how do we get there are two among many questions addressed in the three-volume set, "The Business of Sustainability: Trends, Policies, Practices, and Stories of Success."

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McDonnell Allocates $100M In Higher Education Funding

Creates Incentives for More Degrees in "Top Jobs" Sectors Like Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Healthcare while Promoting Cost-Saving, Efficiency and Innovation on Campus

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Peace Studies Blossoming At Utah Universities

Dustin Porlas, a junior at the University of Utah, has far-ranging academic interests that go from speech to nutrition. But he also has a focused career goal: He wants to be an international judge for the United Nations.

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State, UMass Plan Ocean Research Lab In Gloucester

Think Woods Hole or Monterey Bay, and then travel to a six-acre spit of rock that looks out on Hodgkins Cove and Ipswich Bay. State officials and scientists say the quiet, picture-perfect waterfront site in Gloucester will be the ideal location for scientists to conduct breakthrough world oceanic research.

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Governors State To Admit First Freshman Class In 2014

Governors State University will admit its first freshman class in August 2014, thanks to the Illinois Board of Higher Education's approval Tuesday of its proposal to add lower division programming to its curriculum.

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Mixing Drinks for Credit

In the typical culinary classroom, students go through their paces slicing, dicing, butchering and baking. If they mix a martini it will probably be to relax after all the hard work.

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