Academic Leadership

Higher Education Gets Flattened

At UBTech, Mark Greenfield, Director, Office of Web Services at the University at Buffalo, will give a thought-provoking presentation that will explore how the forces of technology and globalization will redefine higher education, and provide guidance on how to not only survive, but thrive in this new paradigm.

Pat McCrory Lashes Out Against 'Educational Elite' And Liberal Arts College Courses

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) set off a firestorm this week when he declared "educational elite" have taken over colleges

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What's the Buzz? Exclusive TrendTopper MediaBuzz Rankings

An exclusive look at the "Higher Education 2013 TrendTopper MediaBuzz Rankings: the Handbook for Higher Education in the Internet Age"

Harvard Details Suspensions In Massive Cheating Scandal

More than half of the roughly 125 Harvard University students investigated by the college’s disciplinary board for cheating on a take-home exam last spring were forced to temporarily withdraw, school officials announced Friday.

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Education in Uncertain Times

At UBTech, Dan Rasmus, the author of Listening to the Future, will describe the uncertainties facing education and discuss how techniques like scenario planning can be used to navigate through an uncertain future. Session attendees will learn how to put a name on uncertainty and take control of grappling with it, and navigating through it, for themselves and for their institutions.

Western Oklahoma State College Will Stop Offering Quick-Credit Courses, Officials Announce

Western Oklahoma State College will no longer offer a type of controversial online course reportedly favored by college athletes looking for quick credits, school officials announced Wednesday.

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Anti-Abortion Group Sues Oklahoma State University

An anti-abortion group is suing Oklahoma State University, saying university officials refused to allow them to distribute leaflets on campus.

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The Week University (As We Know It) Ended

For many years I've been writing about how the Internet and new models of pedagogy will bring an end to the university's monopoly on higher education.

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High Schools May Have To Pay For Unprepared Graduates

Mississippi and Maine have become the latest in a series of states to question whether school districts should be held financially responsible when students arrive at college unprepared.

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