Academic Leadership

Rutgers To Propose Merging Newark And Camden Law Schools

Rutgers University is preparing to merge its two law schools, campus officials said today.

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LSU Considering Research Focused Medical School For Baton Rouge

LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge is seeking to open a four-year medical school focused on research, and the idea has drawn tentative support from the LSU System Board of Supervisors.

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New 'Flipped Classroom' Learning Model Catching On In Wisconsin Schools

It's being employed not only in local elementary and high schools, but also at Madison Area Technical College, UW-Madison and even the Madison Fire Department.

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The New Face of Higher Education: Why "College-lite" Simply Will Not Cut It

One of the most pressing concerns for many potential college students is access to education, particularly as it relates to the affordability of schools with rising tuition and fees that cannot always be offset by having a job.

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The Presidency Job: Public versus Private

The search for and first years in office of a new president at a public university can carry extra burdens, say experts on those institutions. For starters, says presidential search consultant John Thornburgh, the vetting of candidates becomes a more complicated proposition because of the transparency usually practiced by state schools.

The Tumultuous Presidency

A rash of high-profile firings offers some lessons in starting out

The Universities of Oregon, Illinois, and Virginia have plenty in common. They all rate as leading research institutions, boast a high-achieving graduate and undergraduate student body, and field formidable athletic teams that compete regularly for national championships.

A Primer: The ABCs of HBCUs

Most of the nation’s HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities) were established in the decades following the Civil War.

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A Bachelor’s Degree In Three Years

For many, entrance to college, once a near-guaranteed ticket to upward social mobility and elite career opportunities, has become a pathway to prolonged financial distress.

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Colleges Take New Approach To Anticipating—And Meeting—Workforce Needs

A handful of colleges think they’ve found the secret to closing the gap between the types of graduates they’re turning out and the types employers say they need. Spiders.

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