Academic Leadership

Boston Strong: First responder spirit in American higher education

In this month's Future Shock column (University Business, July 2013), James Martin and James E. Samels talk about the educations in criminal justice, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and forensic science that Boston's first responders received at schools such as Middlesex Community College and UMass Lowell. It was these studies that, in part, helped them bring the Boston bomber to justice.

New Jersey public universities officially reconfigured

Rutgers officially added two medical schools on Monday in a university reconfiguration that officials hope will turn the school into a medical research powerhouse.

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New presidents at major universities will have extra duties

"The joke is frequently told in these searches that you're looking for God on a good day," said Tom Poole, vice president of administration at Penn State and executive secretary of the university's search for a new president.

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LSU president leaves behind strong impressions

F. King Alexander stepped into the LSU presidency this past week. He was selected amid controversy over a secretive search process and was immediately attacked by a faculty leader who questioned his qualifications. But perhaps his biggest challenge will be battles over money for higher education.

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Academic Partnerships expands Faculty eCommons PD programming

Academic Partnerships, one of the largest representatives of online learning in the United States and around the world, today announced that it has expanded the professional development programming available through Faculty eCommons, the social learning ecosystem developed for faculty around the world to work together and improve online education.

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Community College of Philadelphia votes to terminate president

The Community College of Philadelphia Board of Trustees on Thursday voted to terminate President Stephen M. Curtis without cause and to pay him $286,000, a full year of salary and benefits.

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Alabama Southern Community College and United States Sports Academy partner to offer bachelor’s degree in sports management

Students who have already earned their associate’s degree from ASCC will be eligible to enter the program. Completion of the sports management degree takes as little as two years.

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Retiring Ohio State's Gee did a lot for the university's endowment fund

Few could speak, fundraise, and inspire students and alumni like retiring Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee. When he spoke, people listened, oftentimes with checkbook in hand. As a result of his and others' efforts, in the past year, Ohio State topped the list of the 50 largest university funding pools when it came to growing endowments.

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Where do enrollment managers fit in the campus organization?

Today’s enrollment challenges have impacted all sectors and strata of colleges and universities. Campus leaders are questioning whether their organizational models, as well as the roles and responsibilities of key enrollment players, are aligned for optimal enrollment success.

University of New Mexico names dean for new Honors College

UNM on Friday named longtime economics professor Kate Krause as dean of the Honors and University colleges. Krause, who had been serving as interim dean for both, has been with the university since 1996.

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