2012 Salary Report: University Of Michigan's Top 16 Execs Collect $7.19M In Base Pay

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
The University of Michigan's top 16 executives bring in $7.19 million in base pay— up 5 percent over last year. The compensation figures were revealed Friday in the university's annual base salary report. Yet the base pay for several administrators doesn't account for six-figure bonuses or retention perks. Athletic director Dave Brandon, who has the top base pay of $800,000, is more likely to make upwards of $1 million this year. In addition to his base, Brandon receives $100,000 in annual deferred compensation and has the possibility of a $200,000 bonus. Brandon received a $165,000 bonus last year, the highest possible under his old contract, according to documents obtained by AnnArbor.com through a Freedom of Information Request.

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