Purchasing Power

New Procurement Strategies and Systems Save Time And Money--Serious Money.

"On a lot of campuses, purchasing is the whipping boy," says Victoria Windley, director of Procurement Services at University of Delaware. "But not here."

Control Printing Chaos

How to reduce waste, lower costs, and improve service.

The Database Gets Personal

Smart Information Systems Drive Better IHE-Student Relationships.

Many institutions today realize that they have to utilize technology to go beyond service and more towards personalizing and extending their relationship with students. The ambition now is to create an environment that strengthens the connection to students and other clients that is open and alive. And, it requires the judicious use of two-way communications, coupled with the database and information processing power to keep track of the relationships.

The Energy Crunch

As energy costs spiral upward, some campus innovators are finding betters ways to provide power.

Rising energy prices are spurring university and college administrators to take steps to cut costs, ensure adequate power, and implement energy-saving initiatives in an increasingly technological-dependent campus environment.

BioSecurity Comes of Age

Retina, Hand, and Fingerprint Scanners Are Emerging as New Solutions to Access and Authentication Concerns.

Inside Tips for Better Online Ed

Don't just envy the University of Phoenix, learn from it.

If online education is such a lucrative opportunity, why do so many distance learning projects fail? That's the key question many universities are struggling to answer as they prepare their budgets for the 2004-2005 academic year.

From Plan to Action

Even the best laid strategic plans can go awry. Here, from the trenches, some sound advice about how to turn the vision into reality.

Food for Thought

In spite of rising food costs, off-campus competition, and finicky students, dining directors are finding innovative ways to please their 'customers' while making a healthy profit.

Keeping students well fed can add significant revenue to an institution's bottom line. However, before food service can be the cash cow that everyone expects and desires it to be, experts say it must be operated as a business and not as a peripheral auxiliary service.

70 Smart Revenue Generators (and Moneysavers)

Is there a school in the land uninterested in finding new, additional dollars? Not in these tough times. Here, gleaned from institutions of higher ed all over the country, are good, solid, revenue-generating ideas that are not related to tuition management. Some are classics, beautifully executed, others are novel ideas truly worth noting, and some are so, well, obvious, you may shake your head and say, "Now why didn't we think of that?"

Fundraising/Money Management

The Power of Information

Financial aid outreach programs help disadvantaged students dare to dream the impossible dream.