Smart Business

From financial aid to fundraising, cutting-edge software can streamline your business process, saving you time and money.

Caught on Camera

New surveillance technologies boost campus security efforts.

Never doubt the importance of good surveillance technology. Take, for example, the case of a missing former University of Wisconsin-Madison student, which occurred last spring. Police searched for Audrey Seiler and after finding her in a marsh, went on the hunt for a "bad man" Seiler accused of abducting her from her campus apartment and holding her captive. Several hundred volunteers joined the effort and a national media blitz followed.

Rich Media Comes of Age

How IHEs utilize the web's ability to deliver audio, video, and content to students anytime, and anyplace.

The Payoffs of Parent Outreach

Listservs, e-mails, and interactive web programs are just a few of the tools IHEs are using to keep parents better connected to the campus and to their children.

Higher Ed Goes Mobile, Lightweight

From handhelds to tablets to laptops, campus computer users are veering away from traditional desktop PCs. So why are they still showing up in the campus computer labs?

Professor Steve Jones admits being concerned that his students were paying more attention to their computers and to each other than to his teaching. He needn't have worried.

Health Care Needs and America's College Students

IHEs confront the problem of escalating health care costs.

With health care insurance inflation in the double digits for the third year across all sectors of the American population, colleges and universities across the United States continue to think about how to best provide insurance for their students.


A look at some of the hot new products introduced at this year's show.

The Business of Campus Retirement Communities

Baby Boomers are flocking to campus retirement communities and, in turn, pumping money back into the school.

Community Colleges Raise the Bar

The influx of students has spurred a flurry of IT improvements.

What happened to e-Learning and Why?

A critical report on e-learning innovation has sparked debate on both sides of the issue.

One way academics know they're breaking new ground with their research is by the number of speaking invitations they receive after publication. Another gauge might be the level of vitriol their critics muster both in rebuttal papers, and these days, on academic listservs and bulletin boards.