Hedging Your Endowment Bets

Does playing the hedge fund investment game reduce risk, or add to it?

Star quarterbacks? Nobel laureates? Once upon a time, these people were the big deals on campuses. Now they have to make room for the new star, the endowment's hedge fund manager.

A Fundraising Boost

Community colleges are learning about alumni in the quest for more financial support.

Advancement directors are a lot like gamblers. They can easily recall the vivid details of their "wins"--even years after the fact.

Take Brenda Babitz, president of the Monroe Community College (N.Y.) Foundation. When she came on board 15 years ago, she worked to create an alumni database to be used for telemarketing--a new endeavor for the community college. Several years later, she nervously spent $7,000 on research that would help identify those who had attended Monroe and who might be able to donate.

In Class, Off Campus

Online education offerings provide more than just tuition dollars to institutions.

Fifty-year-old Melissa Grill is a prime example of today's distance learner. While working in the computer lab of a North Carolina community college, she earned a master's degree in information and telecommunications systems management from Capitol College, based in Laurel, Md.

Original Fare

School-branded food items can help the bottom dollar while building name recognition and a sense of pride.

Some people wear T-shirts and sweatshirts emblazoned with their alma mater's name. Others display bumper stickers on their cars. The younger set may even stick athletic shorts on their bumpers, proudly bearing a school's logo for all the world (walking behind them) to see.

College pride comes in all forms, and it's something universities have taken to the bank, quite literally, thanks to that overwhelming desire for people to buy items with their university's name.

One-Stop Data Shop

At a growing number of institutions today, everyone can access the same base of data in core information systems, even while using that data in different ways.

Unplugged, but Locked Down

Colleges and universities have worked to boost their wireless might--without causing security risks.

While planning its wireless implementation, tech leaders at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., hadn't given much thought to security issues until a guest speaker at a college-sponsored conference complimented the college's chief information officer, Robert Renaud, on the excellent wireless service.

Relief Efforts in Response to Katrina Grow

Colleges and universities across the country are helping students hit by the storm.

Faculty and staff at Southern Methodist University in Dallas gathered on Monday afternoon for an emergency response session that had been scheduled for months. Little did they know how quickly they would put the lessons to use.

Global Minds Think Alike

Companies are doing research abroad, while foreign IHEs are attracting more and more students. How can U.S. research universities remain competitive?

Research institution leaders who keep on thinking that any company is dying to spend its research dollars on their institution just might wind up in the dog house (or somewhere close to it). Or at least that's what one university president believes.

Today, a U.S. research university has to contend with distinguished IHEs abroad that have qualified students and lower costs of conducting research and developing innovative products. This, in turn, has driven companies to venture abroad for research talent. It has even spurned some foreign companies that do their own R&D.

Knowledge is Power

A college president makes a case for increased attention to international students.

The U.S. economy is built on brainpower. Its growth is not driven by class or wealth, but by the ability of its citizens to create, innovate, and improve products and services. It is a knowledge economy, and the key to success in a knowledge economy is the higher education system. Historically, U.S. institutions of higher education have served as a magnet for the global creative class, and for years we've been assured of our leadership in attracting the world's best and brightest minds.

The New Supply Chain

How IHEs are improving business processes with e-procurement systems.