A Greener Attitude

Our new survey results show environmental awareness is driving purchase decisions for facilities construction and products and services

Not Your Typical Textbook Advice

Campus bookstore directors and administrators offer 20 strategies for keeping up with online textbook competition.

Rich Hershman found himself in the usually welcoming Commonwealth of Virginia when he experienced the conversation that many bookstore managers and administrators dread.

Summer Conference Report

Three major higher ed organizations converged in Honolulu to discuss the 'Campus of the Future,' while financial aid officers took the pulse of the economy.

Summer is usually the time for vacations, but for those in higher education, it's a time to mix business with pleasure at annual conference sites around the country. July saw two major events: the annual NASFAA conference in Seattle, and the joint NACUBO, SCUP, APPA "Campus of the Future" conference in Honolulu.

Learning After Loss

Well-planned online and distance offerings can give institutions of higher education the ability to keep education going in the wake of disaster.

The familiar rhythms of academia lend a comforting presence on college campuses. Each autumn as summer temperatures begin to fall, days shorten, and leaves flutter down, fresh-faced students arrive en masse, their futures pregnant with possibility.

Faculty Issues in Online Education

A new book examines best practices in managing an online learning program.

Home, Sweet Home

Today's candidates for campus positions may well need a benefits package with housing assistance. Some institutions are hearing the call.

Last year, Catie Lasley, age 29, became the first in her family to purchase a house. Throughout her childhood, her parents had always rented apartments. While attending college, she lived in a dorm. Even after she was married, she and her husband rented an apartment.

CMS: Sticking with the Tried & True

Institutions are boosting their content management efforts with the use of commercial software while looking at open-source technology with a cautious eye.

As colleges and universities have put into placE large-scale content management systems (CMS) in recent years to take care of indexing and serving up their vast amounts of files, they have been making use of commercial products new and old to create these systems. Many of them have gone that route despite the availability of open-source alternatives, opting for safety over open-source promises of freedom.

Good Data In, Good Data Out

IHEs put in systems to capture quality data, and keep those records clean.

When database records indicated that 200 students had signed up to play on the 2004 football team at DePauw University (Ind.), Administrative Upgrade Project Director Daniel Pfeifer realized there was either something seriously wrong with how data was being handled, or the university would be ordering a lot more uniforms.

Endowment Management: New and Proven Strategies

Keeping a pulse on the economy helps today's endowment managers in their quest to bring their institutions the best returns possible.

Many of the answers to your endowment building questions may be found in tried-and-true investment strategies, but you may need to look farther-all the way to the other side of the globe.

An Education in AV Technology

The annual Educomm conference covered podcasting, distance learning and classroom planning.