Coming Back from Katrina

More than a year later, New Orleans' institutions of higher ed-and their leaders-are recovering, adapting, and reinventing themselves.

Rising Stars

You may not have heard of these five college leaders before, but we suspect you'll be hearing a lot from them.

Wireless:The 'n' is Near

Savvy colleges and universities anticipate a new wireless standard.

Paul Lipsky's students have an endless appetite for broadband-especially wireless broadband.

U of Cincinnati Takes the Lead of Top Businesses in Adopting SAP Solutions

Major research university uses SAP for managing a $1 billion and 15,000 faculty and staff

We wanted features that would support a large research university.

Made in America

IHEs strive to ensure academic quality as they expand globally.

In theory, if you walk into a McDonald's anywhere in the world a Big Mac is the same. But does that theory hold true for degrees from institutions of higher education and, more importantly, should it?

American institutions with branch campuses overseas are saying yes.

Lighting The Way

New services are bringing new vistas to campus.

Wiring the Dining Experience

IHEs fuse food and technology to keep students happy and entice new ones through their doors.

These days, young adults are instant messaging their friends as fast as they're calling each other on cellphones about something someone just downloaded to a video iPod-all while eating takeout food that was ordered online.

They elevate the walking-and-chewing-gum thing to a whole new stratosphere.

Beyond Baldrige

What the first institution of higher education to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award has learned in the five years since.

Lessons in Landlording

Managing an institution's real estate assets requires careful planning and thoughtful problem solving-all while keeping the school's mission in mind.

Mobile Technology: One For All

Emerging dual-mode phones give students a single device to manage all their voice and data needs.

Wake Forest University students have a firm grip on the future of technology. Indeed, up to 500 students at the Winston-Salem, N.C.-based institution are expected to use dual-mode phones that support cellular calls and IP communications this fall.