Business Technology

Have You Taken Your Last Swipe?

With RFID technology gaining ground, some institutions of higher ed have begun implementing it.

Business Technology: Text Messaging: The Newest Recruitment Innovation

Admissions departments deploy text messaging to engage and inform prospective students.

Help for High Maintenance

IHEs turn to software for campus planning and operations.

College campuses are often a mix of architectural styles: ivy-covered brick buildings, modern constructions with interiors bathed in natural light, enormous outdoor multiuse facilities. Whatever its style, a building's design and upkeep requires resources of time and money.

Today's facilities directors can't maintain, renovate, or build their campuses anew without help from specialized software systems.

Putting Heads Together...Virtually

Online collaboration software can help streamline meetings, brainstorm efficiently, and even generate some revenue on the side.

What does collaboration mean to you? And how can it help your school meet its goals and possibly generate revenue?

Serving Up IT Help

Help desks are becoming faster, smarter, and stronger as new technologies--and security concerns--work their way into campus life.

When about 1,650 freshmen started their classes at Duke University (N.C.) last fall, they arrived bearing more than the typical tools of education. Each was equipped with an Apple iPod.

Before They Graduate

Standardized Exit Testing Can Help Boost Your Institution's Reputation.

Nothing can be a better indicator of your institution's value than its ability to educate. And what better way to measure it than seeing a comparison of your students' abilities to those of other IHEs using a standardized exam?

Say Goodbye to Paper

Document imaging solutions can help IHEs save time, space, and money.

Principles of Purchasing

Smart buying strategies improve internal efficiencies and save money.

In this era of cost cutting and budget slashing, one area where colleges and universities can realize true savings is in purchasing. Well-managed purchasing strategies can recover considerable sums of money by curtailing off-contract spending and enhancing staff efficiency.

Look to the web to increase recruitment

The college website continues to influence enrollment decisions. Is your site up to par?

The Killer CIO

A new sense of professionalism in information technology creates a special brand of leader.