Business Technology

How to refresh your legacy AV system

Converting and updating an entire campus’ AV system is a sizable, but increasingly necessary, investment
It’s no secret to university CIOs: digital is here to stay. But with decades of investment in legacy AV equipment, keeping up with the latest digital technology infrastructure can be a real challenge. Converting and updating an entire campus’ AV system is a sizable, but increasingly necessary, investment requiring both time and resources.

Keeping cyber attacks at bay

What to know about the new breed of hacker

Hackers are often portrayed in the media as pale skinned, basement dwelling lone wolves, creating nuisance viruses that disrupt networks. But Darren Hayes, Computer Information Systems program chair at Pace University, says times are changing. “These people are rapidly being replaced by sophisticated government-backed infiltrators and criminal cyber-spy rings that can inflict far more damage than a Distributed Denial of Service that takes a network offline.”

Capturing efficiencies and criminals

ECM technology gives city police departments an important leg up when it comes to doing more with less; an advantage campus law enforcement agencies should investigate
Like many other agencies, city police departments are contending with shortages of time, money, and personnel, while the lives of their citizens (and of their officers) depend upon the ability to get the job done right. This balancing act is a challenge university and college police departments can relate to. ECM is helping some city police departments optimize their resources so they focus on what they do best—saving lives.

Business Intelligence

A new technology can analyze data at amazing speeds. So why is higher ed slow to adopt?

Listen to higher ed futurists and you'll be convinced that business intelligence is the wave of the future. It is the next "it" thing that will connect every part of the enterprise. Best yet, BI will link all data, allowing disparate software programs, provided by numerous and sometimes-competing vendors, to "talk" to each other.

What's a Kuali?

A cute name belies the mission of this open source financial management software for higher education, which soon enters its next incarnation.

JUST THREE YEARS AGO A group of higher education's IT people and financial managers teamed up to take on a new project. Their mission: To develop open source financial management software that could keep a general ledger, run payroll, or perform any other basic financial function.

Working and Learning Better: Virtually Together

Collaborative software creates new options for students and educators.

THERE'S A NEW TYPE OF workspace these days. It's a "virtual office" in cyberspace that allows files to be accessed and worked on from anywhere. The concept has morphed into education, allowing students in disparate locations to work together. The innovation fits well with new trends in learning.

Mark Your Online Calendar

Some IHEs are using calendaring software to strengthen the bond with students.

REMEMBER THE BULKY day planner? The mini-black notebook was derigeur for the business executive of the 1980s. The portable planners were stuffed with addresses, agendas, day planners, and to-do lists. Today these applications, and many more, are now online, thanks to calendaring software.

Evicting Cybersquatters

Colleges and universities have to protect their websites from those who try to poach traffic.

Having the right web address means everything when running a website. A URL-that string of characters following the http://-should be easy to remember, or at least easy to guess at. In the world of higher ed, prospects, students, alumni, and other online visitors simply want to type in a school name, follow it with a .edu, and splash onto a desired homepage.

Virtual Eyes

Higher ed tiptoes into e-mail surveillance.

The internet and e-mail are a blessing and curse. Both improve communication and access to information; they are the de facto communication and entertainment tools of modern life.

Protecting Campus Data

Portability can have its price. Here's how IT managers deal with stolen laptops.